Sunday, April 26, 2009


For this project, we had to texture a tombstone, light and texture a cemetery in 2 different times of day. I chose dusk/sunset and early midday (like 10am-12pm ish) The saturation of the lighting keeps changing on every screen.... -___-;;;


Models were provided for us by Ringling. I lit it in Maya, created the textures in PSCS3, rendered through Renderman and composited in Shake. I love Shake. XDD

Student government has kept me busy for the weekend, so I'm a bit behind schedule for Finals Week. X____x;;; GAH. You're looking at next year's executive board Treasurer. Hahaha..... oh dear.... .__.;;;

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sophmore Year Spring 09 Demo Reel

Everything in this reel was modeled, animated, lit, UVed, textured and rendered through Maya 8.5 and PSCS3

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sit Stand

Most recent assignment for CA. We had to have our character walk 2 steps, sit down, have a change of emotion, get back up and then walk 2 steps in 15 seconds.

Modeled, lit, animated, textured, UVed, and rendered through Maya8.5 and PSCS3

Featuring "Number 1" by Big Bang

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Concept stuffs

This was our PSA/Commercial assignment for concept. We had to do a 30-sec commercial animatic and I chose to do mine on graphic design-y headphones. :D

Featuring: "MUSIC!!!" by AAA, "Love Love Love" by Epik High, "Hydra -666-" by Dir En Grey, "GDS" by Dir En Grey and "Obsession (Strings)" by See-Saw.

In progress for next concept design assignment:

Very quick character design for my next idea. It's going to be about a set of Elegant Gothic Lolita twins that have a bit of a weird relationship. :D one-sided-Twincest! XD